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Unlock the Magic: Making your Restaurant or Bar more successful

Navigating the fiercely competitive hospitality industry demands innovation to stand out in the crowd. As you stroll down the vibrant avenues of your local high street, the plethora of options can be overwhelming for any consumer. The challenge for bar/restaurant owners and managers is not only to survive but to provide customers with a compelling reason to choose their establishment.

In this blog post I will break down how using magic can make your restaurant or bar more successful.

Discover the Power of Close-Up Magic!

Restaurant magic, the enchanting performance art delivered directly to people's tables, adds a unique touch to their experience. Picture a magician seamlessly moving from table to table, captivating guests with close-up magic—a spectacle that unfolds right before their eyes, either before the meal, between courses or with drinks.

Let's delve into the reasons why introducing magic into your establishment is more than just a trick:

1. Ride the Magic Wave

Magic is currently enjoying widespread popularity, thanks to mesmerising performers like Derren Brown, Dynamo, David Blaine and Laura London. The public's fascination with magic is evident in sold-out arena shows, frequent TV appearances, and the surge in touring illusion performances. Capitalise on this trend to draw customers seeking a magical experience.

A mind reader(DWMagician) guessing someone's PIN number at a cocktail bar.

2. Close-Up Magic: A Recipe for Success

Close-up magic, performed within an arm's reach of the audience, is a magnetic draw. The intimacy of these performances, often leaving spectators astounded, perfectly aligns with the venue's ambience. Imagine a magician weaving through tables, leaving a trail of delighted customers in their wake.

3. Unobtrusive Entertainment

Contrary to other entertainment options that demand the attention of the entire venue, magic is unobtrusive. Unlike the unavoidable intrusion of karaoke or live bands, a magician can cater to individual tables. Customers who prefer a quiet dining experience can opt out without feeling compelled to leave.

4. Gain a Competitive Edge

With an abundance of choices, setting your venue apart is crucial. Offering something unique, like live entertainment, can be a game-changer. Customers are more likely to choose a venue with an extra touch, such as free magic shows, creating a distinct competitive advantage.

5. Cultivate Repeat Business

Using magicians on a regular basis establishes a magical residency, fostering word-of-mouth marketing. Satisfied customers, eager to share the enchantment, become loyal patrons. Transform your slowest night into a bustling "Magic Night" and witness a surge in repeat business.

We are half way through the list and if you are still unsure about how magic can make your restaurant or bar more successful, read on!

6. Versatility for All Audiences

Another way of unlocking magic to make your venue more successful is close-up magic's adaptability - it caters to diverse clientele. Tailor performances for a sophisticated adult audience or infuse family-friendly magic for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

A magician (DWMagician) spreading a deck of cards

7. Prevent Walkouts with Magic

For bustling restaurants with long wait times, a magician acts as a buffer. Entertain customers in the bar area while they wait, turning potential walkouts into contented patrons. Transform waiting time into a magical prelude to a satisfying dining experience.

8. Address Issues with Magical Grace

When unexpected delays occur in the kitchen or with a large order of cocktails behind the bar, a magician can gracefully manage customer expectations. By engaging with waiting patrons, magicians turn potential frustrations into enjoyable moments, leaving patrons in high spirits.

9. Tables Turned: Magic to Clear Quickly

Fast table turnover is essential for some venues. Magicians can discreetly assist in moving lingering customers by offering an intriguing magical interlude in a designated area, ensuring a smooth transition.

10. Enchanting Souvenirs for Lasting Impressions

Magicians can create magical souvenirs, transforming everyday objects into wonders. These mementos, such as a bent coin, torn and restored playing card

become conversation starters and generate invaluable word-of-mouth publicity.

Integrating a magician into your bar/restaurant's ambience is not just a cost-effective strategy; it's an investment in the enchantment that yields both repeat and new business. By utilising all of these strategies you are on the road to making your restaurant or bar more successful.

Choose the right magician, witness the reactions, and relish the laughter—it's a decision you'll wonder why you didn't make years ago ;)

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